US travel ban is against Muslims: court

US travel ban is against Muslims

US travel ban is against Muslims: court

The US Court of Appeals in San Francisco asked President Donald Trump travel restrictions to be imposed only on the Muslims?

If you’re on the court Ninth US Circuit Court of bench member Judge Richard Clifton in the appeals affected in only 15% of the worldwide ban if asked during the trial, Muslims called discrimination ban to be or not?

It stated its position in action were debated for an hour from both the US Department of Justice and the aside before the court to restore the ban.

  • Will appeal against the decision suspends travel ban.
  • How bad is America end?
  • When restoring a travel ban and chaos will spread.

US travel ban is against Muslims

flinty Justice Department lawyer:

Congress has authorized the president that he could control those entering in August flinty Justice Department lawyer told the court.

When asked about what the evidence is that Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, can pose a threat for urban America Yemen and Sudan, he said that many in the United States Somali civilians groups are associated with al-Shabab.

The Washington state attorney does not harm the way the US government told the court that the suspension order of a travel ban

Noah lawyer said the ban has affected thousands of Washington state residents said Persil, including students and those who want to meet my family.

The debate on this matter in the final moments of the trial is targeting specifically the ban Muslim or not.

Judge Richard Clifto:

Judge Richard Clifton said that the ban only for seven countries about the former president’s administration that they can pose a threat to Muslims, it can be said that President Obama’s administration he fills the discriminatory treatment?

He is not a lawyer, said the president’s trump Persil responded to the ban and the ban is not discriminatory but surely.

Remember that the order of President Trump protests in several places in the United States and spread a state of unease and uncertainty among the passengers of the seven states in the country.



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