Psl final match news – PSL final held in lahore

PSL final held in lahore

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PSL facing a lot of problem in the start. Sometimes, we see the news about spot fixing news. Then, the news was “PSL final will be held in lahore”. But, There was many bomb attacks to prove that pakistan is not the safe country. And, international units Can’t be held here. So, It’s danger to PSL final held in lahore or pakistan.

PSL final held in lahore

PSL final held in lahore:

From the latest news of media network Psl final held in lahore surely. And, the chairman of pak army MR. Qamar bajwa will also come to watch match. And all of the Psl branches agreed to play PSL in lahore. Also, fully army security will be provide. (News by PSL chairman MR. Najam sethi).