Prepared “hooks” to taste fierce cricketers


Test inings will be revised 2, if the ‘Imperial Call’ will not be revoked. Photos: File

Dubai: The ICC has developed ‘handcuffs’ to tackle fierce cricketers.

This year, new rules were set up by the Marilybone Cricket Club (MCC) guardian organization of cricket laws, after which the ICC Cricket Committee and the Board had ratified, the application was to be from October 1, but The ICC has announced implementation since Sept. 28, thus the UAE between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and the new rules will also apply in the Test series starting in the South Africa and Bangladesh secret stomach.

If Emperor gets doubled in the field thickness and width of a Batman, he will measure the special gauge provided by the governing body, no bat are thickened by 40 mm and not thickened with 67 mm. It should be. The toughest punishments in the new streaming terms will be to those players who will physically multiply rivals or empires, fight or fall to Level 4, they will be immediately expelled from the field for the remaining match, Violence of Level 1 to 3 will be preceded by default terms.

Now with the Tests and One Day, the DRS will be used in Twenty20, if the decision is sent back to the Empire Empire by the third emperor on a radio called ‘Imperial Call’, then the review will not be lost, now In a Test innings, 80 overs will not get new reviews again, but only 2 riders will be given an innings. In the attempt to run or avoid the stumps, any batsman himself or the bat bat once in the crease and when the ball hits the wicket, his foot and bat are not going to touch the ground, he will not run out or atheist.

In recent years, the balls used to bounce out the ball out of the field of the bunders, and then wrapped it back, but now the rules have been implicit in the field that the ball with the first hand in the field of the bundle There should be a part of it, but otherwise it will be considered Boundary.

To save Victor Keeper from the engineer, now the Bells will be tied with the stumps that will not get too far, but such stumblets will be used only on the desire of the hostboard. If the ball hits the wicket with the wicket keeper or the field of the helmets on the Batsman’s shot or someone stays it, then it will be considered as stumps or catches, so the batsmen will have to go back to the palline. Now, knowingly Front Front Nobel will be considered unbelievable and the bowler will be removed from the bowling for the rest of the innings.




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