History of CEO and AXACT:

Before telling you about BOL TV Live transmission, I want to say the background history of this company and largest media group of Pakistan that is BOL media group.

It was the leading IT Company in Pakistan as well as in the world. The market shares of this company were rising handsomely day by day. The AXACT was; spread on six continents. They were working in more than 1300 countries of the world, providing many major facilities to the peoples.

Unknown and hidden facts:

Their role in the world was quite specific. All the people of the AXACT Company were working with their full passion for delivering the promises that were taken by the CEO. The functions are:

  • About 1 lakh jobs were, created by this company in Pakistan.
  • About 65% of IT exports were from this company
  • They were making lifestyle of their employees greater
  • More than 1 lakh kids of Pakistan were getting Education
  • Improving the lifestyle of Pakistani people
  • Paid 1.2 billion Pakistani rupees by indirect and direct taxes

The Bogus AXACT scandal:

The biggest IT Company of Pakistan was, involved in a bogus scandal by their opponents. As the company was launching the most major news network in Pakistan so, this thing was not digest-able to their enemies. As a result, they bogusly involved the CEO of AXACT company in fake degree scandal.

But now, the things have been cleared. Mr. Shoaib has proved himself and his company innocent. The scandal was, arise only to decrease the value of BOL media group.

Launching Of Biggest Media Group In Pakistan BOL:

On July 2013, the CEO of AXACT Company started the establishment of BOL media group. He fulfilled his dream of largest media group of Pakistan in just 17 months. That was an incredible achievement from his company side.

After the launching of BOL group, the other media groups of Pakistan were in the anxiety of competition. That is why some people launch a bogus scandal of fake degrees to nip their company name in the bud.

Biggest salary packages and bonuses:

The CEO of the company has promised to pay all the wages of the previous year during the company was, involved in a bogus scandal. As the BOL TV is back now on the screens so, the work has again started. You can see BOL media group live on the televisions now.

CEO is now giving the high wages to his employees. He is paying about 3X higher salaries than previous years. All the experts from every media group are joining now BOL media group.

BOL TV Live:

The biggest media group of Pakistan is now back after the removal of scandal from their company. You can watch BOL TV Live on your television screens. Apart from the news channel, many other avenues are also launched by this media group.

Sports and entertainment channels are, also introduced by the CEO. English and Urdu newspaper will also be, started in this company



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