BOL TV comes out with “Ab Pehly Say Be Zada.”

Bol tv

History of AXACT:

Before knowing about BOL TV, let’s have a look at the history of this media group. How they survived from a big conspiracy from their opponents.

AXACT was established in 1997 with the vision to provide more job opportunities to the people of World, especially Pakistan. It had become a known world brand under the supervision of the CEO of this company, MR. Shoaib Ahmad Sheikh. At that time, Pakistan lacked in IT companies.

This company comes with a promise to boost the IT exports up to $50 billion and providing many lakhs of opportunities of jobs. They were improving the economy of Pakistan as well.

Bol tv


Unknown facts & figures about AXACT:

These are the unknown facts about the AXACT group that everyone should know.

  • AXACT directly paid more than 1.2 billion rupees in the sense of direct and indirect
  • Fulfilling the promise of job opportunities, they opened the doors for more than one lakh young and educated peoples. They gave them luxurious lifestyle also.
  • This company was, spread on six Apart from the mainland, 120 countries were involved in this, and they were working in more than 1300 cities. They spread like a spider web.
  • About 65% of country’s IT export was from this company in 2014-15.
  • Educating more than 1 million of Pakistani kids.

The announcement of BOL by the CEO:

On June 13, the chief executive officer of AXACT company announced that he is going to make a new Media group that was, named as BOL MEDIA GROUP. In this revolutionary world, many media groups are present that are giving so many news on fake purpose.

BOL team promises to convey all the news after the complete verification. Apart from news, BOL Media Group also promises about entertainment and sports channel. English and Urdu newspaper providing was also the part of this group. The best and a unique thing about this network is, the CEO fulfilled his mission in just 17 months, building a web of networks in whole Pakistan.

Conspiracy about BOL and AXACT:

As the media group was, established in just 17 months, the opponents were in dismay. BOL collected all the media experts from the leading networks at that time. This thing was not digest-able to our adversaries.

They tried all their best to drop us to the earth. You are quite familiar with the fake degree scandal, but we are totally out from this now. All the false stories are now completely in front of people. These all scandals were introduced to stop the uncontrol progress of BOL media group.


After returning clean from the court, the CEO, Shoaib Ahmad Shaikh has decided to start the network of BOL TV again. They are fulfilling their promises again. They come out in the market with high salary packages from the other networks in Pakistan media industry.

  • An extensive network of media group
  • A web of transportation vehicles
  • Promise of educating Pakistani kids

Providing high salary packages to the employees



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