Deepika Padukone’s new look as Rani Padmavati of Chittore has been breaking the Internet. Check out what does Anushka Sharma has to say about it

At the recent event, when Anushka Sharma was asked about her remarks on Deepika’s look, she gave rather a twisted answer.

Anushka said, “You know, the place where I was shooting today, there was zero network over there. But I was very happy about it. This is because I thought that this kind of a world, where there is no network… there are no calls coming in and no messages coming in. You don’t know what is happening in this world. Is there even such a place in the world? Yes, there is such a place and I was in this place for a while. It is right here, in Mumbai. I was very happy, I thought, ‘this is such a good life.’ “