About us

welcome to boltvlive.com. Firstly i wanna thanks to you for taking a time to visit our website or about us page. Bol tv is the pakistan biggest News media network started in 13 june, 2016. It’s not common news network. It never showing any of the fake news.

What Bol Network Providing:

Bol network is providing some amazing things to the viewrs or workers of bol tv.

  • Giving the high wages to his employees
  • Great facilities to his employees
  • Only real news
  • News which are hidden by other news networks
  • and many other amazing things, which is unacceptable by other News networks.

About Boltvlive.com:

This site is totally bassed on bol network. It will provide you best

  • HD live bol tv
  • All featured news of bol network
  • News Highlights
  • Bol tv shows, etc

Final Words:

Again thanks for visiting our website. If you have any questions about this website or suggestion then feel free to contact with us. We will happy to see your email. Thanks!